The guide to loving your curls

The guide to loving your curls!

When it comes to curly hair everyone has an opinion on how they can improve their natural look. I say, learn how to rock your natural waves, curls or ringlets… love how you look au- natural.

Here is a layout of steps and products for each curl type. We are going to cover waves, loose soft curls, and the frizzified ringlets that everybody secretly loves and wants.


So, where are my wavy girls at? Bumble and Bumble has got you covered with the entire “Surf” line.

To begin, the Foam wash and Creme cleanser…

This helps you achieve “buoyant body and soft, sea-breezy texture” For any great result you need to begin with the perfect base. Using the surf line shampoo and conditioner is  that perfect first step to accomplishing a wavy look with wanted body and texture.

Foam spray…

Grab your blow dryer and get to work… easy work that is. This product that is part mousse and part salt spray, gives you light beachy texture with a heat styled polish. Simply run through your hair thoroughly and dry with your hands for a windswept look.

Surf spray…

To finish off this look, grab your trusted surf spray, just a few spritz , scrunch, and your done. You have now achieved the ultimate wavy look.


Transforming your already soft curls into glam curls…

When wanting to  transform your soft curls into glam curls, R+co is scattered with many options for shaping your hair into beautiful elegant curls.

Atlantis shampoo & conditioner…

Moisture, moisture, moisture, that’s the name of the game for this shampoo and conditioner. Atlantis rejuvenates your hair regaining lucious moisture in your locks.

Bel Air shampoo & conditioner…

This is awesome for soft curly hair because it makes your hair feel and look smooth overall. Settling frizz and giving an overall uniform look.

Next up is Twister…

Twister can be used as a primer for natural curls and for styling curly hair. For naturally curly ladies or for those who are trying to enhance their final look with or without heat styling tools. Run through your hair, comb to event out and begin styling.

Finish with Tinsel…

A light oil that will leave your hair impossibly shiny and frizz-free. Tinsel is going to be the perfect conclusion to a natural glam style for everyday. Accentuating the shine and gloss for beautiful hair.


You all know those tight ringlets can be hard to handle, but hopefully, these products can help you control them.

Oribe is a top of the line brand that has everything you need, but more specifically here are the steps to control your mane.

Moisture and control shampoo and conditioner…

This shampoo and conditioner is key to controlling and taming your hair. After all, it’s in the name and you should be in control! Whether your hair is curly, kinky or impossibly thick, this combo is going to give you that moisture gratification that you are looking for.

Curl by definition creme…

Curl cream is going to help you guide your tresses to do exactly what you want. We all know that “sexy, youthful curls don’t always come naturally”, so this activator is going to add texture and shine-boosting, frizz-eliminating hold.

For a lighter alternative, Oribe presents curl shaping mousse…

Mousse gives you a light as air feel to your hair. This mousse seals in moisture, hydrates and works on frizz resistance.


I hope that you are encouraged to try new products because your natural hair is beautiful and fun! Learn to embrace the cute chaos that is your ringlets, the flirty soft glam curls we all know and love and the salty staycation beach waves we yearn for.

Find ways to love you hair in it’s natural glory! -The White Room

Art of Balayage

Everyone wants natural effortless hair colour that gives a sun kissed elegant aesthetic; a look that can be easily refreshed or allowed to grow out naturally.

With creativity flowing through their fingers, each piece is delicately painted by your colour technician, giving an appeal that is structured, yet free flowing.

Many people wanting to wander into the colour world begin with balayage.

Bruntette bliss- Darlene

Golden bliss- Amanda

It is a technique that appears soft and classic. Though it can be a statement look showing boldness.

A gorgeous balayage combined with beachy waves is a trend that can never be replaced. Together they create perfect harmony for that warm weather “wind in my hair don’t care” look.

Your hair becomes a beautiful masterpiece that can be displayed to the world.

After all, your hair is the crown that you never take off.